How To Stay Safe At Car Show? You Can Keep Yourself Safe And Secure At Any Car Show You Attend.

How To Stay Safe At Car Show? You Can Keep Yourself Safe And Secure At Any Car Show You Attend.

It’s impossible to attend a car show and not have hundreds of people attending, maybe even thousands. Staying safe is the only way to attend an event like this; you certainly don’t want to have to spend time with police or in an emergency room Make sure you enjoy your experience and can take away positive vibes so you’ll want to attend again

Avoid taking a purse; yes, you can survive a few hours without it. At an event like this the people are crammed in like sardines and it just makes sense to leave the purse behind. Carrying a bag is like sending up a red flag to a purse-snatcher. Take a wallet that will fit into a pocket and don’t carry a lot of cash. Leave credit cards in the hotel safe or at home. With identity theft so rampant these days don’t take any more identification than you absolutely need.

Check the weather forecast for the day of the event also. Determine if the show is inside or out and be sure you wear the right clothing for the weather. When the weather is scheduled to be warm and sunny don’t wear a heavy coat or thick sweaters or pants. You don’t want to end up with a case of heat stroke. Don’t dress for what you ‘think’ weather will be; dress for what the weather actually is. You may need to layer if it’s a daylong event and peel off and back on the layers as the weather changes.

Find out if there will be food vendors at the show. You don’t want to get there and discover no beverage vendors; that’s a good way to dehydrate. Dehydration is no joke and can make you very ill requiring medical attention. There’s no excuse for dehydration when you can bring your own if they have no vendors there.

Take your cell phone with you.

Whatever you do, wear the right shoes. Use common sense and know that a car show is no place to wear stilettos or any show with a high heel. If the event is outdoors, the ground could be rocky or grassy neither of which is conducive for anything but flat heels. Use common sense and wear the appropriate shoes for the venue

With a little bit of planning you can keep yourself safe and secure at any car show you attend.