Developing Effective Sales Process. Five Main Stages Successful Salespersons Do During Sales Process.

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Developing Effective Sales Process. Five Main Stages Successful Salespersons Do During Sales Process.

Making sales is one of the major operations when running a business, irrespective of your industry. For this reason, developing an effective sales process that you and your employers can use is essential for success. The sales process used by successful salespersons consists of five main stages.

Building Rapport

The first stage is formally known as building rapport. This is generally not a technical aspect, but a psychological one. The task is to establish a connection between you and the prospect customer. This will be important later on when you are trying to pass your ideas to the person.

Identify Your Prospect’s Needs

Identifying the prospect’s needs is a major stage in the sales process. You should not assume that since the person or the company has shown an interest in your product, they will automatically buy. You have to find out exactly what they need, why they are not happy with the current product they are using and what they want to accomplish with the use of your product. This is best done by asking the respective questions.

Product Presentation

Product presentation is the next major stage in the sales process. A lot of entrepreneurs who have just started running a business believe that it is sufficient to just present the features, benefits and advantages of the product. What you actually have to do is to come up with precise benefits that the prospect will get from using your product. These benefits should be based on the information you have acquired during the former stage of the process.

Dealing With Objections

Dealing with objections is the next stage of the sales process. No matter how good your product is and how beneficial for the prospect it is, the person may be unhappy with some of the features, the price or the usefulness of the product. In general, you have to be prepared to counter any objection being made while respecting the prospect’s position. A more advanced tactic is to virtually inoculate objections before they are being made.

Closing Sale

Closing the sale is the final step of the process. Many of those who have just started running a business believe that the prospect will make the purchase right after all objections have been countered. The reality is that you will have to make the prospect take action. There is a range of different closing techniques that can be used. Experienced salespersons use different combinations of them.

Now you know the basics for developing a sales process. It is worth pointing out that it is your responsibility, as the entrepreneur running the business, to train your employees in using this process.