Where To Find Free Blog Host? Many Blogs Hosts Give You Free Blog With Offer Of Upgrading To Paid Option.

Where To Find Free Blog Host? Many Blogs Hosts Give You Free Blog With Offer Of Upgrading To Paid Option.

It’s not hard to find a free blog host; there are many hosts advertising on the Internet for you to start up a blog with them. So are they all the same or what? Take a careful look at what they offer you.

Most will run advertisements on your blog – that’s how you pay for the service. If you can find one that guarantees no ads, then look into it. It may be just what you want, or it may only allow a limited number of posts. Find out if you can upload photos, too. Many blogs hosts give you a free blog, but offer the option of upgrading to a paid one for benefits like adding photos.

Some free blog hosts assure the user that they can make money with their free weblog. They will allow multiple authors and editors, which is a good point, and give you good tools and other helps such as blog pinging to use in creating your blog and in making it the best blog of all. Some allow plugins, subdomains, blog radio and video and offer custom themes. With most free blog hosts you need very little tech know-how and your information can be published instantly.

If you have a paid website, there may be free blogging options on that, so look into it. Watch out for those who advertise a free weblog – but don’t add that you only get it if you pay to get a website as well. What you want is a free blog and free hosting as well.

Having a blog is just like having a website. The things you write for your blog must go from your computer to another computer (called a server computer) belonging to an Internet host company. These computers (usually there are a lot all together) are kept in air-conditioned rooms with staff on hand to make sure they keep going properly. Basically you are renting space on this computer – that is if you have a website. If you have a blog, you can ‘rent’ the space for free.

So how is the host company able to let out their space for free? Usually they run advertisements on part of your blog. They could have Google ads across the top, or banners of some kind down one side. When people click on these ads, the host company makes money. They may also have a paid blog option and hope that you decide to upgrade your free blog to a paid version to get the extra features.