How To Make Your Garden Bird Friendly? Simple Ideas To Make It Your Garden Paradise For Your Birds.

How To Make Your Garden Bird Friendly? Simple Ideas To Make It Your Garden Paradise For Your Birds.

You love birds and you have a beautiful garden, the perfect combination for attracting and raising wild birds. Technically speaking you will not actually hand raise as you would chickens and pheasants. But you will get to enjoy them in your garden every day if you make your yard a bird-friendly one.

Birds are pretty need specific and bird lovers can provide them with the basic elements of food, water and shelter by making a few simple changes to the yard to attract them. All you need to do is focus on meeting the needs of the birds of the air and they will come homing in to your garden.

You can try incorporating some of the simple ideas in this article into your garden layout to make it a paradise for the birds to nest in. Many people don’t really like having the birds around if they have vegetable or fruit gardens. As a bird lover, surely you want the birds to come visiting and even stay on your property.

The basic needs for any bird are food, water and shelter, very much like the needs human beings have. When you take care of the basics you are making sure that the bird population stays, nests, raises young ones and returns again the following year to repeat the process.

Birds enjoy a varied spread in terms of food and they like to eat seeds, berries, nuts, worms, grubs and insects. Some birds like the bird feeder concept and others prefer the more independent means of getting their food from natural sources.

You can provide food for the birds in your garden by installing bird feeders of different types like seed, nuts or nectar feeders. Planting lots of perennial flowering shrubs and trees attract birds looking for seeds, nectar and insects. Berry bearing shrubs and plants are also a great idea and you can put in different kinds having diverse fruiting seasons. Avoid using harmful chemicals and pesticides on your plants to keep the bird population safe.

Water is vital to a bird’s survival and shallow sources that allow them to drink and bathe can be set up quite easily. Birdbaths are a popular choice and you can keep it clean and free from bacteria. Fountains are also a good way to provide water for birds. Placing your water feature near the trees or shrubs allows the birds to get to their homes easily without being trapped by predators on the prowl.

The best type of bird shelter is a natural one in the form of trees and shrubs. Borders formed with mixed shrubs, hedges and evergreens are good sheltering spots as well as places to find food.