Bass Fishing – If You Can Have Just 5 Lures. Experienced Bass Anglers Favorite That Bagged Them Their Fish.

Bass Fishing - If You Can Have Just 5 Lures. Experienced Bass Anglers Favorite That Bagged Them Their Fish.

Bass fishing equipment stores are places that will naturally overwhelm anyone who is new to bass fishing. The staggering choices of rods and reels, lines, hooks, and sinkers, and lures can be very confusing. Lures come in all imaginable shapes, sizes, designs, functions, seasons and water conditions while each offers to help catch bigger bass with lesser snags.

Experienced bass anglers know better than to get themselves a hundred different lures. Instead, they buy a few favorite ones that have consistently bagged them their fish.


Amateurs and pros alike go for the Rat-L-Trap lure for productivity. This lure has been around since the late 1960s and has been the favorite ever since. Occasionally called the lipless crank bait, this lure mimics the motion of a cranked small fish with all the commotion.

This lure got its name from the sound it makes when it is quickly retrieved from the water. The sound comes from small metal beads that are placed inside the rattle chamber to lure bass out of their hiding.

Rat-L-Trap lure can be used under any conditions. It works best, when placed across the tips of light vegetation or undergrowth like grass and weeds.


This lure got its name from a widely accepted belief that bass love pork baits. This is a much simpler contraption that can work where Rat-L-Trap lures don’t. The upper portion of this lure is painted with an eye design to make it more attractive to fish while the hook is designed with frilled plastic skirt which helps conceal it.

Being heavy, the jig-and-pig works best where there are structures in the water such as submerged tree branches and in cold waters.

Soft Plastic Fluke Baits

Mimicking the appearance or behavior of a bait fish is a classic in the angling world. The use of soft plastic fluke baits is a good representation of this technique.

Soft plastic fluke baits or fluke baits are designed to appear like minnows or shads, a favorite baitfish for bass fishing. These are best used during late spring when bass are feeding.

Spinner Bait

Often touted for its versatility, the spinner bait is a go-for lure for most experienced anglers. It can be used in deep waters, in waters where there are shoreline structures, and even in shallow waters. The productivity of the spinner bait comes from its design. On dry land, this lure looks odd but in water, it is a perfect choice for creating a commotion that bass find irresistible.

Plastic Worms

There’s more than meets the eye with plastic worms. As simple as they are, plastic worms drive bass crazy. These come in many varieties and are used in different ways. The two most popular and most effective are the Texas-rigged plastic worms and the wacky rig.