Training To Be Mechanic. High Schools Offer Classes Focus On Teaching Various Aspects Of Automotive Technology

Training To Be Mechanic. High Schools Offer Classes Focus On Teaching Various Aspects Of Automotive Technology.

Mechanics have the responsibility of fixing machines. Their work tasks include diagnosing the problem, inspecting, evaluating the overall condition, and servicing vehicles including trucks and automobiles, buses, trains, boats and planes. While the range of the responsibilities may vary depending upon the type of vehicle or engine being tackled, mechanics do the same basic job; that is to work on the various components including the ignition control units, engine and brakes amongst others in order to ensure that the machine will be in the right condition and function properly without any glitches. They may also focus upon repairing other features of vehicles including the radio and air conditioning system changing the oil and performing regular tune ups.

If you are interested in becoming a professional mechanic, you will need to get adequate training in order to qualify for jobs and join the field. You will have to undertake various mechanic courses and pass an examination to get certified. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics recommends prospective mechanics to have a high school diploma or an equivalent. You can get the knowledge and skills required for the job by working at a certified mechanic shop, but it is suggested that you complete a post secondary program so that you are able to find a job much more easily.

While there is no formal certification required for becoming a mechanic, most employers in the US prefer to employ those applicants who have been certified by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence in the United States. In order to gain certification, you will need to have an experience of up to two years working as a mechanic and complete the certification course by ASE. Moreover, you will have better opportunities if you have excellent customer service skills, if you are detail oriented and know how to operate the electrical and computerized systems that are used widely at mechanic shops these days. Therefore, to become a professional mechanic, you will have to undergo several steps before you can find a suitable employment.

You will first have to earn a high school diploma to work as a mechanic since this is the required minimum education. A number of high schools these days offer classes which focus on teaching various aspects of automotive technology and how to work with the various components of the vehicles that you would be handling. It will not be difficult to find such an institution near your home. Check if it offers such courses. It is interesting to note that some of the schools actually specialize only in this field. They prepare you for entry level positions right from the start.

Secondly, even though it is not compulsory for getting an employment as a mechanic, it is highly recommended that you undertake a formal training program. This would increase your employment opportunities once you step into the field. There are various courses which are offered and cover a wide range of topics including electrical systems, transmission and climate control, suspension, repair, steering amongst others. You may also be able to substitute one year of experience with a 2 year program.

Thirdly, to be a successful mechanic, you will need to have as much experience as you can get in the industry. A large number of new mechanics begin by working for vehicle part sellers, private companies and automobile dealers. Some are hired as assistant mechanics by numerous mechanic shops. Through such employment opportunities, you would be able to gain more experience for certification, especially if you get hired by an experienced mechanic.

Fourthly, if you want to get a good job and improve your skills further, you should take the certification examinations offered by the ASE in different automotive specialities such as automatic transmission, brakes and electrical systems, engine repair and others. You will have to clear exams for all of these certifications and all the examinations consist of 40 to 50 questions. You might have to retake an exam every five years as per the requirements of ASE.

The most successful mechanics in the industry are those who have cleared all the eight certification exams by ASE and are awarded the ASE Master Technician status. All these steps are an essential part of getting trained to become a mechanic. All employers look for valuable skills and knowledge these days.