Symptoms Causes And Treatment Of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Disorder Occurs When Brain Develops Abnormally.

Symptoms Causes And Treatment Of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Disorder Occurs When Brain Develops Abnormally.

Usually it is called autism but its official name is Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). There are multiple forms of autism such as Asperger syndrome, Rett syndrome and others. In this disorder the patient has difficulty in social interaction, communication skills and understanding the behavior of others. This disorder occurs when the brain develops abnormally and the patient is unable to understand the world as people generally do.

When we concentrate on our sense of taste, touch, smell, hear and see then we can use them. The situation when the brain affects these senses is that we are unable to understand, play, learn or listen. Autism appears in different forms in children and the symptoms will often vary in intensity.

The symptoms can be minor, mild or severe – some autistic children feel bad when they hear loud noises and some do not. A kid going through this order is unable to interpret the emotions. Usually when you look at a kid and smile at him, he feels you are friendly and happy; at the same time he can understand if you are in a bad mood by your tone or expression. But in the case of autism, kids are unable to understand your emotions, expressions and your speech. They behave in a weird and strange way and you don’t understand why they are doing so. It’s because their brain is affecting their abilities.

Symptoms you see in a kid going through autism include repeating the same word over and over again, unable to understand the meanings of words, unable to adjust to new things like new room setting, new food, toys moved to some other place or substitute teachers or friends. Another symptom of autism is when the kid moves their arm or head in a different style than normal kids and they do this repeatedly. Kids are unable to understand the meanings of emotions and find it very difficult to tell others about their feelings. They feel frustrated and helpless at times.

According to an estimate of CDC (Central Disease Control) one child in 80 can have this disorder. Causes of this disorder are still not specified. However scientists and doctors believe that it’s a kind of genetic disorder that a child receives from his ancestors. Some doctors think that it is the connection between the kid’s genes and the environment that effects the growth of the brain. As the brain has thousands of neurons and cells it is very difficult to analyze which cells are not developed normally as they were supposed to. Scientists are working to identify the causes of this complex disorder.