Issues Of Social Development In Children With Autism. You Need To Seek Immediate Medical Help And Counsel.

Issues Of Social Development In Children With Autism. You Need To Seek Immediate Medical Help And Counsel.

The reason why a child suffers from autism is mainly genetic; therefore, it is no fault of his that he does certain things under the influence of the ailment. Thus, it is very important that utmost care is taken that the child and his problem are not dealt with in any harsh manner.

The reason for starting this article this way is because autism mainly effects the social development of the child and this at times frustrates the family, specifically when they have not been able to identify the issue. So here we will be discussing the social development issues that autistic children go through. These issues can also be seen as signs of the disorder. If your child has any of these, it is an indication that you need to seek immediate medical help and counsel as to how to deal with the situation.

At the age of three, children are normally able to communicate with others and express their needs and respond to the conversation that is made to them. But for children suffering from autism this is not a normal scenario but a difficult task. These children have difficulty in communicating with others – the baby talk is very limited and is not at all varied. This is true for the gestures as well.

These kids are not able to communicate through gestures and are not able to respond to them either. For example if you will try to get their attention on something by pointing towards that thing, they will not respond and it might also happen that instead of looking at the thing that is being brought to their attention, they will be looking at the pointed finger.

Lack of eye contact is another major problem. When they are being talked to or even when they are trying to communicate in their limited ways they will avoid making eye contact. Along with this they will not respond to their name being called.

Limited eating is also an indication of autism. However, if this is the only thing that is going on then the problem can be anything else and not specifically autism. But if the other signs are also then this is part of the problem as well.

These children need to be treated with great patience as they don’t really understand the normal social orders and they see them as alien and not important. With time this condition can be improved but not totally cured.