Sightseeing In Western Australia. Western Australia Is Place Full Of Many Attractions For Tourists.

Sightseeing In Western Australia. Western Australia Is Place Full Of Many Attractions For Tourists.

If you have decided to enjoy an Australian holiday, you cannot afford to miss the best holiday destinations in Western Australia. Western Australia is divided into three distinct areas that comprise the Coastal Plains, The Great Plateau and the Scarp lands. This western part offers many well-preserved shorelines that have pristine water and astonishingly white sandy beaches.

Once you decide to explore Western Australia, it is better to do it by car. Take out some time and be well equipped to experience great adventures and scenic natural beauty. In Western Australia, you can book your accommodation in Dongara, Manjimup, Albany, Nannup, Pinjarra, Perth, Geraldton and many more places.

Western Australia is a place full of many attractions for tourists. Some of the places that you should visit during your Australia holiday are as follows:

  • Monkey Mia – it is located in the northern side of Perth and is one of the most amazing spots. It is popular for its oceanic wildlife. Many research centers are also present and animals like tiger sharks, dolphins, green turtles, stingrays, and loggerhead are all studied there. You can also find beachfront lodging there.
  • Darling Range – it is an area full of many National Parks where travelers can enjoy walks and bike rides. It is a historic place with several art galleries, caves with Aboriginal art on the walls, markets with local products, wineries and craft shops.
  • Rottnest Island – you can go to this island with ease by means of a ferry or a boat. You will find several lodging options here varying in the amenities they provide. This area has around sixty three beaches and hence it is a world famous spot for water activities. These include snorkeling, fishing, diving, boating, and surfing. It is an ideal place if you are on holiday with your family.
  • The Kimberleys – it is the home to many wild areas. Nature has gifted this place with gorges, waterfalls, beautiful landscapes and beaches. You will also find national parks here. There you can hike or explore the nature in a four wheel drive vehicle. If you want to come close to nature and experience its scenic beauty, this is the perfect place.

Apart from these, there are many more spots and sites for the tourists to explore and have fun at. When you get an opportunity to visit Western Australia, remember to visit these spots to make your Australian holiday will indeed be the most memorable and exciting one.