Is Astrology Science Or Art? Checklist That Will Help You Figure Out Whether Astrology Is Science Or Not.

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Is Astrology Science Or Art? Checklist That Will Help You Figure Out Whether Astrology Is Science Or Not.

Astrology can be described as the study of the influence that distant objects such as planets and stars have on human lives. The positions of the sun, moon, stars and other distant objects at the birth of a child are said to influence his relationships with other people and generally predict his whole future. In order to use astrology one should know the signs which are called the zodiac signs. These are the sun signs of astrology on which the horoscopes in newspapers are based. Nowadays, there is increasing debate over whether astrology is scientific or not.

Astrology can be considered as a science as it involves knowledge regarding the stars, moon and other planets. Astrology is used by some people for generating future expectations just like people generate future expectations through scientific ideas. Astrologers also claim that astrology is supported by evidence that is used by them. Here is a checklist that will help you figure out whether astrology is science or not.

  • Astrology’s focus is on the natural world: astrology’s main belief is that the heavenly bodies such as the stars, moon, sun and other planets influence and has a positive or negative effect on the lives of humans living on the earth.
  • Does astrology aim to explain the natural world? Astrology uses the rules and laws on the positions of planets and other heavenly bodies to determine predictions regarding future. An example could be that the astrologer claims that someone who is likely to be born after spring equinox will be an entrepreneur.
  • Is astrology testable? Some of the predictions or expectations determined to be astrology are so general in nature that they are not testable. But at the same time astrology also generates some specific predictions and expectations that can then be tested against real outcomes. For example, we can check whether scientists have traits that are favorable for science if their sign says it is so.
  • Can it be modified? Science has the tendency to be modified if its ideas turn out to be wrong but in astrology the ideas are not changed even if evidence is contradictory.
  • There has not been proper scientific study on astrology: since the astrological ideas are not being validated, the research on astrology has now stopped.
  • Do astrologers behave scientifically or not? The scientists tend to validate their ideas by testing them and developing hypotheses. On the other hand, the astrologers are not motivated enough to test astrological ideas.