Moons And Angles In Astrology. Moon Encompasses 8 Different Phases During Its Cycle For Approximately 28 Days.

Moons And Angles In Astrology. Moon Encompasses 8 Different Phases During Its Cycle For Approximately 28 Days.

The two bodies which are said to have a huge amount of influence at the time of our birth are the sun and the moon. The moon is receptive and provides us the reason for being alive. Moreover, the moon is also the closest heavenly body to planet Earth and thus to us human beings. That is why it has the ability to influence the tidal waves of the oceans together with the flow of blood in all living creatures including human beings.

The moon basically reflects the light coming from the sun. That is why it is often used to symbolize a unique partnership that also allows us to experience our relationship with our partners especially during the night hours. It also affects our personalities. The amount of light given off by the moon changes every night due to its continuous movement around the Earth. The moon encompasses 8 different phases during its cycle which lasts for approximately 28 days with each phase lasting around 3.5 days or about 45 degrees when we talk in terms of astronomy and astrology. Each of these phases has its unique qualities which influence life on Earth. The cycle begins at zero degrees and when it is completed, it has covered 360 degrees.

The new moon that we sight at the start of the cycle basically indicates that the ground is being prepared for germination. It marks the start of a new beginning. During the first few degrees, during the crescent phase, it gathers the energy to start building through drawing light for energy and survival. When it is completing the crescent phase, it becomes even stronger. It has drawn sufficient energy to survive and increase its dominance on its surroundings.

With the completion of the first quarter, the moon has successfully overcome the initial challenge of survival and it starts to entrench itself to make its presence more firm. Now that it has established itself and is strong enough to survive, it starts to focus its energy on further increasing its dominance which marks the start of the Gibbous Phase.

During this particular phase, the moon focuses on the reason behind its existence and moves towards the full moon. With the moon is progressing through the 45 degrees, we begin to experience the fruits of this extensive struggle. Now the moon starts giving back to Earth which brings it back to life after every cycle. By now the Third Quarter has begun and the cycle moves towards the end.

The Balsamic Phase happens to be the last phase when the light from the moon dies away and this marks the beginning of a transition phase. The degree of influence the moon has on our personality depends upon the date we were born on and the phase of the moon on that particular date. Here are examples of how the first few phases of the moon are said to affect your personality.

The first phase of the moon is known as the New Moon Natal Phase and lies between 0 and 45 degrees. Those born during this phase are said to live their lives to the fullest. They really do not care about what happened to them in the past, and their past does not affect their present and future decision making. Such individuals rely more on intuition rather than on rational reasoning, and do not consider future planning to be the best idea. Therefore, such individuals tend to be less organized and get more confused when a complex situation arises. However, the purpose of life for them is to explore their personality and make it shine for the world to notice.

The second phase is the Crescent Natal Phase which lies between 45 and 90 degrees. Those born during this period need to realize their own individual personality and break free of past beliefs and traditions. If you manage to overcome this challenge, you will be able to grab any opportunity that arises in your life and take full advantage of it. The third phase happens to be the First Quarter Natal Phase lying between 90 and 135 degrees. Individuals born during this phase are said to be very unpredictable, but always rise to the occasion with their creative ability and impulse driving them every time. They make very good managers.