Aries Ascendant And Its Effect On Subgroup. Aries Ascendants Are Supposed To Show Fiery Characteristics.

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Aries Ascendant And Its Effect On Subgroup. Aries Ascendants Are Supposed To Show Fiery Characteristics.

In astrology the ascendant is termed to be a layer or mask that covers one’s original characteristic. The layer can be thought of as an automatic response to an environment in which an individual tries to overcome issues in his day-to-day life. The ascendant is said to be the result of the condition of an individual who is exposed to a new environment and new people. However, the characteristics that are shown by an individual are often modified by the moment of the planets. The behavior and the characteristics change from one person to another even though their ruling planet is the same.

For example, a person with ruling planet Mars has Aries ascendant and will react in a different way when compared with another person with planet Mars in the ruling position and Scorpio as its ascendant. The interpretations are mainly based on the planetary moment. The 12 zodiac signs are divided into 30° equally to give an overall overview of 360°. The changing positions, the presence of the moon and the sun have a great effect on every single zodiac sign. Predictions are often calculated taking into account these moments apart from the birth details of an individual.

Aries ascendants are supposed to show fiery characteristics. The main aim of a person who falls under this zodiac sign is to achieve something rather than plan ahead for the same. The sign makes it possible for a person to go forward without much commotion. People falling under this zodiac sign are often found to be youthful, straightforward and generally go after what they really require. However, they do not show any sign of hatred during their journey to achieving their goal. They are not aggressive but can be insistent depending upon the position of Aries.

The ascendant is often changed within the same subgroup. It varies from one person to another. Calculations are carried out according to the movement of the planets. This is the sole reason why the characteristics exhibited by one person falling under the same category are different to those of the other person in the same group. Even though there is no scientific approach to the theory or the predictions carried out under astrology, some people still believe in it as they have come under similar situations which were predicted in the past. However, astrology has existed for thousands of years and has long history in various cultures across the globe.