Whitehead Does Not Oxygenate Because Its Contents Are Not On Surface Nor Exposed To Air.

Whitehead Does Not Oxygenate Because Its Contents Are Not On Surface Nor Exposed To Air.

Whiteheads are defined as a clogged hair follicle with dead cells and excess oil in them. The appearance of a whitehead is a small pick or white bump that does not break the surface.

There are many varieties of acne that affect the skin in different ways. Each different type of acne has a different type of treatments. Having a good understanding of what condition you suffer from will help you and your doctor to determine treatments. Many people do not know what causes whiteheads. Whiteheads are not exposed to oxygen however blackheads are exposed.

Dead cells and oils build up in a pore clogging the pore, which is called acne. Whiteheads are under the skin and appear as small bumps. This type of acne is refered to as closed comedones. A whitehead does not oxygenate because its contents are not on the surface nor exposed to air. The oil hardens under the skin clogging the follicle that caused the acne. Some doctors think the individuals that suffer from consistent outbreaks may produce oil that is dryer than normal. Avoid cosmetics that have oils in them. Another precaution to take is wash the sheets and pillowcases regularly as well as your hair. Try and keep your hair of the face if it becomes really oily. Old oils and dirt from the pillowcase and sheets will rub into the skin creating an irritation.

There are several different types of treatments for whiteheads. A good cleaning system will tone, detoxify and clean the skin in one cleaning session. A doctor can provided a prescription that stabilizes the hormones to level the creation of oil. A good deep cleaner will keep the whiteheads from developing. The cleaner will eventually cause the existing pimple to reduce and possibly remove them forever. Scarring is very unlikely with whiteheads. Do not remove them yourself. If you need to have any of the whiteheads removed seek medical attention. Your doctor should be the only one to remove them.

Some doctors will prescribe medication or cleanser/gels to remove whiteheads. Most medication will not have any oily or greasy in they to clog pores. There are prescription meds that are of any one with really sensitive skin. Most acne suffers have more than just whiteheads as a symptom. Many of the medication for whiteheads can also be used for other acne lesions. For females many doctors will try to control acne with birth control pills.